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Adam J Rosenbaum

Adam J Rosenbaum


Adam joined Tangerine in 2009 and is our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Tangerine, Adam co-founded Interactive Sports Marketing, an online market research and data collection agency. Adam also spent 8 years working as the CFO and Senior VP of Finance for two different international marketing agencies, each with annual revenues exceeding $200 million. Adam holds an MBA in Operations from The Anderson School at UCLA and a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Adam served as the Co-Chairman for the Vision for Tomorrow Foundation's Charity Basketball Tournament from 2010 through 2013. The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation is dedicated to facilitating research and education efforts to help children with genetic disorders that result in visual impairment.

Describe Yourself In Five Words

Competitive, Methodical, Quietly Intense & Sports-Fanatic.


Losing stinks, but if it happens, learn something from it.

Favorite Hobbies

Anything baseball related; making big breakfasts on the weekends; doing anything with my wife and two college-age kids (whenever they will hang with me).

Guilty Pleasure

Watching any scene from Anchorman, This Is the End or Old School, even though Iā€™ve seen each one too many times to count.

Random Fact

Worst parenting moment of my life ā€“ going bungee jumping with my daughter when she was 13.

Proudest Tangerine Moment

Not necessarily one particular moment, but just seeing how much we have grown and accomplished over the years without changing our core values or who we are as a company.